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Waking of Grey Grimm


The universe has begun.

In book 1 of the Maze, awareness leaping takes a turn. References to Foreverland are weaved into this psychological thriller.


Grey isn’t sleeping.

Sunny Grimm finds a strap around her son’s head with an embossed symbol between his eyes. This is the mark of awareness leaping, where players launch into alternate realities and anything goes. Investors make millions. Critics, however, refuse to call it a game. They argue that reality confusion will end humanity. Labels aside, there are many who play.

And many who lose.

What’s in the works

Prequel rewrites.

When is a piece ever really finished?

I recently revisited the prequels. These are free novellas that introduce the worlds of Foreverland, Halfskin, Socket Greeny and Drayton. The last few weeks, I’ve been busy tightening up the stories. I’m a much better writer now than when I wrote them, so they need a major tune-up.

Seeds of Foreverland is uploaded and free to download. I’m currently working out the kinks in The Making of Socket Greeny, which should be ready to upload soon.


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