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The Roots of Drayton

A Drayton Chronicles Novel


The novel is finally done.

If your a Drayton fan, this has been a long time coming. Fans of this enlightened vampire have only had the novellas to explore this character. Now comes the first full-length novel.

The initial rough draft was released to beta-readers in the summer of 2017. After that round, I decided to put the story on ice until a few other projects were finished and I had a chance to implement feedback.

After several rounds, the changes are complete. The Roots of Drayton is available now. 


Drayton can’t leave the Lowcountry.

He once believed he was a vampire when he terrorized villages and slaughtered for blood. Now he absorbs essence from the dying’s final breath and rarely stays in one place. He has been in the Lowcountry far too long.

Everything is about to change.

After witnessing an elderly man’s death, Drayton vows to protect his wife. He assumes the job of her gardener in Charleston’s historic district. But when a young woman named Amber enters the garden, he soon questions who he is protecting.

And from whom.

Drayton will finally discover why he has roamed the planet for so long. He will learn the purpose of his existence and why he has absorbed human essence all of his life. Before he uncovers his roots, he will return to his blood-thirsty days of old.

For the first time, Drayton will become the prey.

What’s in the works

Ronin: The Last Reindeer.

Round two has begun.

The sixth installment in the Claus Universe, Ronin: The Last Reindeer, is going through the second round of editing. The arc is establishment, the characters fleshed out. Now the polishing.

Ronin is big and protective. And his nose doesn’t glow.

There’s plenty of action in this sci-fi thriller to be served up this December. I hope to have it finished in plenty of time for Christmas and a wee bit of ARC reading.


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