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Ronin: The Last Reindeer Cover Feedback Party

So the sixth book in the Claus Universe is nearing the finish. I'm way out ahead this year, like six months. The release is scheduled for November 1, 2018. I'll be requesting ARC readers probably in October, but for now I went ahead and got the cover ready. The artist...

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The Handmaid’s Tale

Whew. Finished season one of Handmaid's Tale. It's rough at times to watch. Not from a cinematic point of view. It's the content. I'd watched the first episode many months ago and got about halfway through. It seemed done well enough but I don't think I was in the...

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Space, the Only Frontier

The Roots of Drayton is finally done. This is the first full length novel in the Drayton series. It's more science-fantasy than it is urban fantasy. The series started out more urban fantasy but this novel evolved with more science fiction elements. So Sci-Fan. It was...

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The New Look

I became obsessed with redesigning the website. I blame video gaming. I don't game anymore because there's other things to do, but I've spent many o' hours unblinking and sleepless in front of God of War. I'd finish a level at 2 in the morning and just peek at the...

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