12,000 words into The Essence of Sunny Grimm (Book 2 of the Maze).

That’s a little over 10% to the finish line, I think. About one legal pad of notes. In case you’re dropping in on this blog and missed an earlier entry, my process is slow as shit. I write notes on a legal pad before I bang them out on the computer. It’s usually me, a cup of coffee, and a pen and paper to record a slowly unfolding story.

The journey, this far, has gone in very scifi direction. So for those you of that couldn’t wait till that Drayton-Urban Fantasy-SciFan horseshit was out of the way, here we are back in the scifi world and I’ve found myself diving a deeper into the slang and expanding on the technology that reminds a bit of Neuromancer or Altered Carbon.

The story has leaped farther into the future than I first anticipated. And a new dimension of interviews has introduced itself. So for those you who have read The Waking of Grey Grimm, remember the interview in the beginning and end of the book? I’ve expanded on that. And it’s slowly become a bigger piece of the puzzle (or bigger piece of the Maze). I have a feeling it’s not done growing, either. I think it’s going to end up part of a huge twist.

These interviews remind me of HBO’s True Detectives, season 1. The bits where Matthew McConaughey is telling the story after the fact. I found that to be the most intriguing. It jumped around the time line, made me wonder what had happened and why.

In The Essence of Sunny Grimm, the interviews will serve in much the same way. They’ll help explain some of the terminology and tie up plot confusion. But it won’t just be a generous platter to “tell” the story and not “show”. Like I said, it’s going to be a much bigger piece to the big twist.

Not sure how.

So far, it’s all about Freddy. I didn’t see that coming either. But so far he’s following clues that relate to the memory of Sunny Grimm. So the book is still title Maze: The Essence of Sunny Grimm. I think it will remain that, but it’s all been about Freddy so far. Will he fall in love with her? I don’t think so, but there will be an element of grief, of lost love, of reunion, all that.

The thing about this story is the thought-experiment element. I’m so very grateful that social media and video games weren’t at the level they are now when I was a kid. I think it would have ruined me. I would’ve posted shit that I shouldn’t.

Back in my day, the only alternate realities (or what’s been coined unreality in Essence) were things like Pacman. That’s not much, but the compelling element to video games, I think, is more than the challenge of solving something, it’s the absence of consequences where we bought another life for a quarter. Let’s take that concept and go to the extreme.

Video games, or the Maze, or any unreality, are now accessible and completely subversive in The Essence of Sunny Grimm. As The Waking of Grey Grimm established, the Maze is so convincing that we can’t tell the difference between an unreality and base reality (base reality being the one we’re in right now). If that existed today, how many of us would choose unreality over base reality? What makes one more real than the other? And what created base reality in the first place? And the most important question The Essence of Sunny Grimm seeks to answer, why was base reality created?

In essence, what’s the point of all of this?

So that’s the aim of the arrow so far. I’ve enjoyed the first 10% of the ride through the unreality of my imagination. Let’s see where it goes from here.

The Maze