“Bertauski writes like the Matrix meets Inception meets Sixth Sense…”

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“Whoa.. I was not expecting the twists and turns of this book.”

“Tony Bertauski has the imagination of a Stephen King on speed.”

“A beautifully crafted story.”

“This book was amazing!”

“A rare writer who keeps you thinking long after you’ve finished reading.”

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They would leave, if they knew where they were.

A funny name is the least of his problems.

Reality is relative.

The Christmas stories you never heard.

Awareness leaping is all the rage.


Drayton doesn’t know what he is.


My grandpa never graduated high school. He retired from a steel mill in the mid-70s. He was uneducated, but a voracious reader. As a kid, I’d go through his bookshelves of  musty paperback novels, pulling Piers Anthony and Isaac Asimov off the shelf and promising to bring them back. I was fascinated by robots that could think and act like people. What happened when they died?

Writing is sort of a thought experiment to explore human nature and possibilities. What makes us human? What is true nature?

I’m also a big fan of plot twists.


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