Science fiction/Young adult (Hunger Games)/Clean

A place where dreams come true and a nightmare to escape. This sinister alternate reality will grip you to the end!


Science fiction/Adult (The Matrix)/F-bombs

Underground Reviews 2015 Top Pick Award

Artificial stem cells save lives, but anyone with too many is a halfskin. The government wants to turn them off. After all, they’re no longer human.

Science fiction/Young Adult (Ender’s Game)/F-bombs

One of IndieReader’s Best Books of 2014!

A peculiar teenager he’s part of a new race that evolved from humans. The twists and turns don’t stop until the final explosive page.

Science fiction/Young Adult/Clean

The holiday stories you never heard.

How reindeer fly and snowmen live. How discovered the North Pole. These are the adventures you’ll never forget.

Urban Fantasy/Adult/F-bombs/Sex

Drayton doesn’t know what he is. Often mistaken for the Angel of Death, his victims sometimes ask for forgiveness. Sometimes he delivers. After all, he is not without sin.

Science fiction/Adult (The Matrix)/F-bombs

Sunny Grimm finds a strap around her son’s head with an embossed symbol between his eyes. This is the mark of awareness leaping, where players launch into alternate realities and anything goes. Investors make millions. Critics, however, refuse to call it a game. They argue that reality confusion will end humanity. Labels aside, there are many who play.

And many who lose.


I write fiction. I make up stories. This is not one of them.

This is all true.

Some minor details have been altered and names changed, but the story itself is true. At some point, you won’t believe it. Hell, I don’t believe some of it and I was there. I never planned on writing about it. Until I did. It’s a story about crises. It’s about resolution, about life prevailing.

It’s about adoption.