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What’s in the works.


Book 2 in the Maze trilogy, now titled The Hunt for Freddy Bills, is in the final pass. A date will be set very soon and pre-order discounts available.

The Toymaker (book 7 in the Claus Universe) is now on hiatus.

I put 12,000 words into the Toymaker over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, it was clear. The Toymaker needs to wait. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually very good. This feels like an epic story and the timing isn’t right. This, I think, will be a story that brings all the characters in the Claus Universe (Jack, Flury, Eb, Miser, Ronin and even Claus) together. And I might write it as a serialized story. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So what happens to book 7?

I went back to an earlier idea, one that started months ago. It has to do with toy. Not Toy Story, but sort of. But not. It starts with a girl named Skylar. Every year, her family spends the Christmas holidays at their mountain retreat. This year, her cousin comes back from an Arctic expedition acting strange. That’s when the adventure begins.

And the toys change.

Where to start reading.

So many books.

There is a good bit of cross-over between these series, story elements that tie them all together. The long term goal is to make this all one universe, Eventually, all the books will converge into one storyline. That’s going to take some time and there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

In the meantime, where you want to start the journey depends on your taste. Here are your options of where to start.


Where the legend begins.


Science fiction/Young Adult (Ender’s Game)/F-bombs

One of IndieReader’s Best Books of 2014

Option 1 isn’t connected to the other series… yet. It will eventaully. It is, however, epic. A peculiar teenager who discovers he’s part of a new race that evolved from humans. The twists and turns don’t stop until the final explosive page.


Where biomites begin.
Science fiction/Adult (The Matrix)/F-bombs

Underground Reviews 2015 Top Pick Award

Option 2 begins with biomites, the artificial stem cells that save lives. Anyone with too many is a halfskin. The government wants to turn them off. After all, they’re no longer human. This story includes elements of Foreverland. Biomites also make an appearance in the Humbug: The Unwinding of Ebenezer Scrooge and Claus: Rise of the Miser. You don’t have to start here, but if you do, Foreverland or Claus can be next.


Where awarness leaping begins.


Science fiction/Young adult (Hunger Games)/Clean

Option 2 begins with Foreverland, a place where dreams come true and a nightmare to escape. This story includes biomites, the basis of Halfskin, and also ties into the Maze. You don’t have to start here, but if you do, Halfskin and Maze can be next.


The holiday stories you never heard.


Science fiction/Young Adult/Clean
Option 4 is an ongoing series that rewrites the holiday legends we know and love. This entire series began when my nephew told me Santa’s secret ninja elves came to his school. It isn’t short on science fiction or action and adventure. Currently, a few of the books, Humbug: The Unwinding of Ebenezer Scrooge and Claus: Rise of the Miser, include elements of biomites, the artificial stem cells from Halfskin (Option 2). But you can still start here without missing a beat.

How reindeer fly and snowmen live. How Santa discovered the North Pole. These are the adventures you’ll never forget.


The evolution of a vampire.
Urban Fantasy/Adult/F-bombs/Sex
Option 5 is an exploration of urban fantasy tinted with science fiction. It all started when I attended a community rendition of Dracula. If vampires did exist, would they evolve to become more compassionate? Primarily a series of novellas, a full length novel has followed.

Drayton doesn’t know what he is. Often mistaken for the Angel of Death, his victims sometimes ask for forgiveness. Sometimes he delivers. After all, he is not without sin.

The Latest Release

Ronin: The Last Reindeer

Book 6 in The Claus Universe 

The 6th standalone novel in the Claus Universe is coming.

Each tale is a scifi retelling of a fabled holiday legend. This Christmas comes the tale of a famous reindeer never heard in song or story, an outcast who leads the sleigh and protects the herd. Ronin is not afraid to break the rules.

Especially for a young boy in need.

10% of the profits is annually donated to the Dorechester Paws.

The Bio

I grew up in the Midwest where the land is flat and the corn is tall. The winters are bleak and cold. I hated winters.

I always wanted to write. But writing was hard. And I wasn’t very disciplined. The cold had nothing to do with that, but it didn’t help. That changed in grad school.

After several attempts at a proposal,  my major advisor was losing money on red ink and advised me to figure it out. Somehow, I did.

After grad school, his wife and my two very little children moved to the South in Charleston, South Carolina where the winters are spring and the summers are a sauna (cliche but dead on accurate). That’s when I started teaching and writing articles for trade magazines. I eventually published two textbooks on landscape design. I then transitioned to writing a column for the Post and Courier. They were all great gigs, but they weren’t fiction.

That was a few years later.

My daughter started reading before she could read, pretending she knew the words in books she propped on her lap. My son was a different story. In an attempt to change that, I began writing a story with him. We made up a character, gave him a name, and something to do. As with much of parenting, it did not go as planned. But the character got stuck in my head.

He wanted out.

A few years later, Socket Greeny was born. It was a science fiction trilogy that was gritty and thoughtful. That was 2005.

I have been practicing Zen since I was 23 years old. A daily meditator, I wanted to instill something meaningful in my stories that appeals to a young adult crowd as well as adult. I hadn’t planned to write fiction, didn’t even know if I had anymore stories in me after Socket Greeny.

Turns out I did.

Dig a little deeper… the early years bio

In 2017, I published a memoir that chronicled my wife and my experience as birth parents. The short story details my earlier life surrounding the event of an unexpected pregnancy and the twenty-five years that followed.


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