This is the golden age.

Tight writing, effortless acting, original characters and believable stories. Especially those that keep me guessing.



I watched half of the first episode several months ago. I was obviously not in the right head space. Holy shit this is depressing.

But at the urging of my daughter and all the rave reviews, I gave this a second chance. Yeah. Pretty good. The writing is superb and the acting as well. Reminds a little of the dystopian feeling of 1984, the exagerated absurdities that, in the corner of my mind, could maybe possibly happen. There are truths hidden in the manipulations that are hard to deny, the way changes happen so gradually we one day could look back and wonder how in the world we volunteered to get in the boiling pot of water.

Probably the biggest draw, for me, is Aunt Lydia, played by Ann Dowd. She was one of the best things about The Leftovers. Watch her.

So I’m hooked. It’s good to be hooked. I’ll milk this for another couple of weeks.

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