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Ronin: The Last Reindeer

Book 6 in The Claus Universe 

“Tony does it again! Another fabulous installment in the world of Claus that takes me back to my childhood but adds a whole new perspective!” –Jenny

“Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED Ronin” –Dee

“I absolutely loved it!” –Vicky

“The greatest EVER!” –Ann

“Pick up the Claus series and transform the holiday season into something unbelievable.” –John

“I loved the book!! Kept me guessing for a long time! I even had to go back and reread the rest of the series! ” –Sue


The 6th standalone novel in the Claus Universe is coming.

Each tale is a scifi retelling of a fabled holiday legend. This Christmas comes the tale of a famous reindeer never heard in song or story, an outcast who leads the sleigh and protects the herd. Ronin is not afraid to break the rules.

Especially for a young boy in need.

10% of the profits is annually donated to the Dorechester Paws.

What’s in the works


The Hunt for Freddy Bills

A lot has changed in the last month.

Book 2 in the Maze has taken some maddening turns and experienced quite a few glorious writer blocks. I’ve stared at an empty page for days on this one, but not with the anxiety that I may never write another word. The possibilities of this story are many but I’ve narrowed it down to a general direction and, I think, a fairly good twist. Which I like. 

Originally, book 2 was supposed to be The Essence of Sunny Grimm. But Fredrick Kaleb Billingsley (aka Freddy Bills) has been the main player. Since I’m halfway through the rough draft, I figured a new title was in order.

This one might take quite a few passes to reach a final product. Anticipating a late winter release.


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