Christmas is hot.

When Kandi’s dad gets a mysterious call, they fly to a tropical island where the buildings are enormous and the rooms empty. Despite the heat, his sunburned client wears a heavy cloak.

Kandi meets a boy living all alone in one of the empty resorts. When he goes missing, she enlists the help of the technological wonders that haunt the island to find him. What she uncovers is a much deeper mystery that will affect more than just Christmas. The world doesn’t know it yet, but Santa Claus is missing. Kandi knows where he is.

And why.


The Holidays are on Fire.

December 1st

Pre-Order Special! 

A triple-dose of Holiday sci-fi magic with all three novels and discover how elven live on the North Pole, how reindeer fly and what makes a snowman live. 10% of the profits is annually donated to WINGS for Kids.

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“This is a WINNER.” –Amazon Reviewer








 80+ Amazon reviews



The Unwinding of Ebenezer Scrooge


Jacob Marley is dead. His business partner, Eb Scrooge, is left to run Avocado, Inc., an innovative technology business, all alone. An introverted shut-in locked away in a Colorado mansion, he changes the company’s mission statement. Only his servant droids keep him company.

Until the gifts arrive.

Each Christmas, a messenger forces Eb to look at his life in hopes he will change. But change does not happen in a single night. And only Eb can make it happen.

But who is sending the messengers?