The average overall score for the website was 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. 

52% off reviewers viewed the website on a laptop or computer. I was slightly surprised by this, expecting a higher percentage coming from mobile devices. A few tweaks were needed to accomodate mobile viewing, but the upside is that the website seems to play well on both platforms. 

A strong majority felt the website loaded pretty quick. 

This was one of the questions I was most interested to hear feedback. Almost 68% of reviewers felt it was perfect. That’s a strong response, but others had some great suggestions on how to make it better. Many reviewers wanted more information for each option, some feedback that I’ll be implementing.


  • Get rid of that pop-up. Annoying!
  • Really liked the bio, but several people didn’t like it written in third person
  • Want more insight into the bio, what am I reading, what am I watching, etc.
  • A writing schedule, what to expect and when
  • An audiobooks page
  • More about your writing process